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The Wendigo legend has been around for many years, so many in fact that most people who tell the story dose not remember who the first to tell the story was, or if there was even a time when it was not told. The Wendigo legend began in the north told by the Native American tribes Algonquin, Ojibwa and Potawatomi and was originally meant to scare children who would be bad or stay up late. The parents would tell them that the Wendigo will come at night and take the naughty children and eat them, and that they would never be seen again. The white people who settled near the Native Americans would hear these stories and believe and take head to them. Whenever a siting was reported or some other form of information was inputted about the Wendigo…show more content…
The condition has waned with urbanization.” There are many people who see this mental illness and think it is fake, reason being that plenty of people have heard of this affliction but have not seen any one who has or is suffering from it. And with the disappearing Native American culture the numbers of cases have dwindled down as well. Nevertheless this illness has made many stories, people who say they were afflicted with this sickness and that all they could think about is human flesh and how much they wanted it. There is a story about a man who was a Cree Indian trapper, his son has died and after that he decided to kill and eat the rest of his family. Through all of this the people who caught him learned that there was an outpost wear he could have easily gotten supplies, showing that he there was no need to resort to cannibalism. One of the few people who have seen the psychosis is J E Saindon (who traveled in the 1800’s) and the person who had the illness was a woman who said she was “possessed” but she did not want to eat human flesh, she killed strangers because she was afraid that if she did not kill them they would kill her. A well documented case of Wendigo psychosis and the illness dose not resemble…show more content…
Writers like Algernon Blackwood or John Columbo who edited the 1982 book Windigo: An Anthology of Facts and Fantastic Fiction. When he edited the book he commented that: “Windigo has been described as the phantom of hunger which stalks the forests of the north in search of lone Indians, half breeds, or white men to consume. It may take the form of a cannibalistic Indian who breathes flames. Or it may assume the guise of a supernatural spirit with a heart of ice that flies through the night skies in search of a victim to satisfy its craving for human flesh. Like the vampire, it feasts on flesh and blood. Like the werewolf, it shape-changes at will”. As we can see from the other examples of the Wendigo, it either a psychosis, a tall skinny forest spirit, or an imaginary creature thought up by book writers and Native American

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