What Is Integrity?

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Free Money What is integrity? Integrity is having morals and values and following them. Integrity is being honest and loyal to other people. People show integrity when helping others and when being kind. **************************************************************************************************** Last year I was in Indianapolis for Gencon,since I live in the suburbs I'm not used to the big city. I was at the convention hall and I was buying Wings of Fire for ten dollars. "Hey, weren't you here earlier." inquired the booth owner. "Yeah I bought the whole collection." I responded. "Then why are you buying another one?" "Somehow I missed one" "Then you can just take it." "Really!?" "Yeah, can't make our fans spend all of their money." At this point he was grinning…show more content…
I couldn't believe it. Someone had given me something of value to me for free, I was glowing. Shortly after, I was walking home alone and I saw a homeless man. As I walked by I saw some signs that are demoralizing for him. As I walked by I debated with myself, on one hand he could be dangerous but on the other he must be pretty desperate with those type of signs. Eventually the desperate side won so I turned around and pulled out the ten dollars I would have spent on the book and put it in the cup he was shaking. "Please spend this on food and nothing else"I said as I slipped it in the cup "Why are you giving me,all this
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