Jfk Assassination Theory

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The Assassination of JFK “The true mystery of the JFK Assassination isn't how could the bullet go through two people with only slight damage but why did the third bullet explode” (“Stephan Hunter”). This quote was said by Stephen Hunter referring to the single bullet theory. The mystery of what really happened on the day of the horrible assassination will never be solved. People make themselves feel better by gathering information and coming up with their own theories. The most popular theory still to this day is the Single bullet theory or “The magic bullet” as some would say. The murder of JFK is one of the most controversial assassinations of all time due to the multiple theories such as the Double shooter theory, Single bullet theory and…show more content…
This theory is the most common theory involving the assassination of Kennedy. Many scientist and people have tried to prove it, but mostly all of the facts go against it. The hardest thing about this theory is trying to explain how one bullet hit and killed Kennedy, hit Connally and then hit a bystander. The commission came to the conclusion that there wasn't only one bullet, there was three. One bullet hit the bystander, James Tague. The second one hit Kennedy and caused the fatal head wound and the third bullet caused both Kennedy's and Connally’s non-fatal wounds. The third bullet, also called the magic bullet, is the bullet that entered Kennedy’s back and leaving through his throat and going into Connallys back, exiting through his chest and going into his wrist and finally stopping in his left thigh.The first bullet had almost no damage. The second bullet had some damage, but not as much as it should have since it was the one that hit and killed Kennedy. Last but not least, the third bullet was said to explode. Detectives and researchers never found the third bullet. It was said that it had exploded because Kennedy’s and Connally’s non-fatal wounds were not caused by the same type of bullet as the one that caused Kennedy's head wound and James Tague’s wound. That theory sounds like it makes logical sense, but do the facts back it up? The autopsy shows that there was no bullets or bullet fragments found in Kennedy’s body. There were many tiny small fragments found in Kennedy’s head that were associated with is fatal head wound. Many people also find it very hard to believe that one bullet shot from the book depository could hit and kill Kennedy and injure Connally. The facts do not rule out the possibility that it might have occurred (“The JFK Single-Bullet
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