Informative Speech On Texas

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Have you heard about the state Texas? If not I’m fixing to tell you a little about it and its interesting facts. I will tell u about what has in it and its view and etc. Texas itself is known as The Lone Star State.Lighting Whelk is the states shell.It is the only state to have six different flags fly over it they are:Spain,France,Mexico,The Republic Of Texas,Conferdate States,and lastly the United States.King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state Rhode Island.Edwards Plateau west central of Texas is the top sheep growing area there.It was an independent nation from 1836-1845.It boasts the nations largest herdof white tail deer. A coastal live oak is located near Fulton it claims to be the oldest tree.It has an istimated age more than fifthteen-hundred years.…show more content…
Some professional sports teams include the Dallas Cowboys,Dallas Mavericks,Dallas Stars,Houston Astros,Houston Comets. The first suspension bridge was the Waco Bridge.It was built in 1870 and still in use today as a pedestrian crossing of the Brazos

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