Compare And Contrast Baking Soda Vs Baking Powder

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My topic is on baking soda and baking powder. I chose this project because every time I make cookies I almost always use baking soda instead of baking powder and vise versa. So, I decided why not see if it makes a difference whenever you mix up the two ingredients. The research question I chose was does it make a difference when making cookies to use baking soda or baking powder? The concept of this project is to see whether or not there is that much of a difference if you switch up the ingredients when making cookies! Whenever you make chocolate chip cookies you can use either baking soda or baking powder. Both of these ingredients are leavening agents which cause the batter to rise when baked (“Baking Powder and Baking Soda”). Every time you make cookies the cookies are supposed to rise so they…show more content…
Although, they both create a reaction that helps the dough rise, baking powder already comes with its own acid inside (Yonk). If you interchange the ingredients the product might be different. . In previous years people have posted things on the internet of final products with one using baking powder only and one using baking soda only. In almost all of the results that I have concluded usually the baking soda cookie usually is more flat and crispy and what a normal cookie should look like. In the pictures that they only use baking powder in the cookies it usually is more big and doughy and not as good as the baking soda cookie. “To keep baking soda good and sealed keep it in an air- and moisture proof container,” If the ingredient isn’t kept good then it could interfere with other products in the oven when baking (Launch). If your ingredients are not kept in the right spot they could go bad. “At temperatures above149 degrees Celsius baking soda decomposes into sodium carbonate, water, and carbon dioxide (Romanhowski). Make sure your oven is set at the right temperature when making cookies or the cookies could burn or not get done at the right

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