Jamaican Tourism Analysis

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Jamaica’s capability to attract tourist to the island is dependent on the industry’s awareness of international trends (Dunn, 1999). Our natural assets of the island, complemented by activities, must be managed to capitalize on the market subdivision which could be captured to add value to the tourism product. The impact of trends such a water parks, family entertainment center and the development of nature and cultural attractions were primary growth government centers and development of nature and culture, (Dunn, 1999). A tourist becomes aware of destinations that satisfy their need and excitement and so many attractions have not been able to realize their potential growth due to lack of financial assistance or expertise in project development.…show more content…
Vision 2030 Jamaica will realize a revelation of an inclusive, world-class distinctly Jamaican Tourism industry that is a major contributor to socioeconomic and cultural development, with a well-educated, highly motivated workforce at all levels within a safe, secure, and sustainably managed environment. The Tourism Sector Plan will: widen participation in the tourism industry by local stakeholders; improve training and working conditions at all levels; promote investment and economic linkages; diversity our tourism product, source markets and market segments, (Carolyn Hayle, 2011). Attractions have since been removed from the tour packages as a result of personality conflicts between both parties (Dunn, 1999).this occurred because lack of vision for the attraction market. Since 1999 hotels made their platform as the pioneers of the industry as oppose to attractions rarely lacked demand during that period. However the 21st century opened up the attraction market and since then have revolutionized and the so called pioneers of the industry are now trying to keep up, by offering…show more content…
This speaks volumes for the European market is opening up and delving into the Caribbean to find out why tourist visit this region the most rather as oppose to Europe. The 25th annual Jamaica Product Exchange (JAPEX) set to take place Montego Bay Convention Centre from September 20-22. Special focus was placed in the Caribbean, Latin America and Eastern Europe market. The island’s premier travel trade show, JAPEX serves as a forum for leading suppliers’ product to convene with tour operators and travel wholesalers. “With the expansion in hotel room stock and attractions as well as major upgrades of several products across the destination, however tour operators who have not previously sold Jamaica should participate this year the island is in demand,” she states. “The market loves Jamaica and they should not miss an opportunity to sell what is becoming a truly magnificent product.” Whereas another article highlight the untapped resources in the attraction market in Jamaica. These seminars held annually promotes the existing attractions and focuses on some areas such as the north coast and fail to highlight the under developed attraction. We have hardly seen where seminars held to promote untouched resources or hidden

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