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The whole veterinary staff must ensure the protection of every person and animal from infection. We are all surrounded by various types of viruses and bacteria that cause infections to spread; these can be dangerous if not prevented and controlled in time. In the surgery, many animals can already be sick or/and with low immune system, so it is your responsibility to ensure they are safe and that their environment is disinfected. Maintaining the life of these animals is your responsibility. Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to the protective clothing worn to protect your body from infection and injury. It can include gloves, aprons, hats, gowns, shoe covers, face shields, masks, goggles or other garments. Take gloves for example. They might not be…show more content…
In face of a spillage, you need to spray this later with a disinfectant and contain it with absorbent material. After wearing your protective clothing you can start to clean it up by picking up the material and cleaning/disinfecting the area. People and animals must absolutely kept away from spillages until you are finished. Sterilisation is about destroying all viruses and microorganisms from an object. At the surgery, you will be using: - an autoclave: this is used to sterilise surgical equipment (this later is put in a sealed tank then placed in autoclave to be exposed to heat and steam under pressure which kills all germs) - cold sterilisation: soaking items that cannot be put in the autoclave in a strong disinfectant chemical (usually for 15 minutes) - gas: using chemical gases, but this is not done in practice and usually the type of equipment sterilised through as is for one use only - ultrasound cleaners: a method of cleaning surgical instruments before putting them in the autoclave (this is a pre-sterilisation). You should not neglect your hand hygiene, as this also reduces bacteria on your hands thus on objects or people and animals you come in contact with. Hands must be washed before and

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