Process Organism Approach To Stress Essay

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Definition of Stress within the Two Perspectives I will be discussing stress from both, the logical positivist (LP) perspective and the process organism (PO) perspective. Stress is the body’s response to physical, emotional or mental changes or demands that might cause an imbalance in its normal function. In the logical positivists perspective, stress would be defined as the observation of physical, emotional or mental changes that the body has when exposed to stressors or demands. In conjunction with the logical positivist idea, stress would have to be experienced and/or monitored for verification (Godfrey-Smith, 2003). There are some indicators that can be monitored or evaluated to verify someone’s experience to stress. Stress can be verified by checking for: increased heart rate and respirations, behavior or mood changes- consistent with increase in agitation, increased blood pressure, increase in perspiration, and even measuring cortisol levels. These…show more content…
This definition is more about the impact of our experiences and how experiences cause changes in the body because of what we have encountered or what we are currently experiencing. The process organism view, for this purpose, is how our body adjusts to stressors, positive or negative, because of situations and experiences that have had some impact. In correlation with the process organism theory, events and processes may change over time. For example, iron will always be iron and over time it rusts; thus it changes. These experiences can cause stress which may then cause them to exhibit physical symptoms that can be observed. Over a period of time, however, what stress and even the causes may change. Thus, what stress looks like today may look different years from now according to process organism definition

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