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John Griffith Chaney, otherwise known as Jack London, was an avid explorer and American Novelist. Born in San Francisco and residing in Oakland, London grew up in a lower class family, with no father. His father abandoned the family when London was an infant. At an early age he worked various jobs to provide for his family. He was determined by this since he did not like his labor work. When he could go to school he preferred his education more so he did not have to work his jobs. Very intelligent London finished his high school education in one year and went on to the University of California, Berkeley. He was also an adventurer. He traveled and many of his stories consist of his travel. Jack London wrote about his adventures and became…show more content…
He would begin his career in high school by writing columns for the newspaper. ("Jack London") He would write about his adventures, journeys, and experiences. He would study works of writing, papers, magazines and set himself a schedule to write for the newspaper and for his own works. He would mostly write jokes, personal columns, and short stories.(“Jack London | American Author”) Some of his most famous works The Call of the Wild, Martin Eden, and The Sea Wolf. Martin Eden, was one of his most influential works.("Jack London | American Author") His short stories included, White Fang, The Iron Heel, and more. London's likes to base his writing on a specific adventure. He also has written short stories and novels. His first published work was The Son of Wolf was a book for everyone and gained attention. (“Jack London | American Author”) As King Hendricks wrote London was the Master of the Short Story. London gained his attention when The Atlantic Monthly published his short story An Odyssey of the North.(Hendricks) He would write his short stories in the local newspapers and also write his novels for his books. One book of London's published novels by London, Macmillan publisher George Platt Brett, Sr. said in a letter dated Dec 27, 1901, "I believed Jack's fiction represented 'the very best kind of work' done in

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