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By definition, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Mary is a person who not only fits, but exceeds this description of a hero. Mary had courage, numerous noble qualities, and a great achievement; being the mother of God. Other heros, such as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, only have some of the traits that Mary exemplifies. For example, Katniss is strong, independant, and unselfish. However, she is also confused and distrustful. Mary demonstrates all the positive traits of a hero, such as leadership. She showed leadership at the wedding in Canaan, when she told her son to turn water into wine. In addition to leadership,Mary also possess humility. She always put others before herself and was modest. Finally, she was faithful. Mary stayed by the foot of the cross as Jesus was dying, even though many other disciples were frightened and ran away. Mary is a hero…show more content…
Real witnesses true members of Christ’s family, believe and act upon their beliefs. Since the Incarnation, when Mary became the mother of Jesus, she also became the mother of all witnesses and people who believe in the Church and trust in God. She said “yes” to God and devoted her life to Jesus. Additionally, she is the Mother of the Church as well as our mother in faith. If we struggle to be faithful, Mary will inspire us, pray for us, teach us, and love us. Whenever I feel sad or worried I always pray to Mary for guidance. When I pray a Hail Mary or Hail Holy Queen prayer, I often reflect on how courageous Mary was. She wasn’t much older than me when she became the Mother of God, and I think that is incredibly amazing. One girl changed the world by trusting God and being open to his will. Her love for her son, Jesus was so great that she devoted her life to him. She is truly a model for everyone who wants to follow Jesus and a witness to his

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