Ivan Denisovich

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In One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn the author does not use chapters to express his feelings throughout the book. By doing that he was able to give a different approach and also gain a different perspective by showing the events that appeared in this one specific day. The book tells a story of a man who was sentenced to 10 years in jail because of a simple misunderstanding in his country Soviet Russia. He was put in a place called the gulags which was also known as a work camp where the prisoners would go and work off their sentence by building or cleaning whatever needed to be done. The gulags are not the same as a concentration camp because concentration camps consisted of one type of race and of religion;…show more content…
Some prisoners were given more opportunities than others rather it was getting out of a job or it was getting some stuff for yourself in the end by telling on the other prisoners. In the gulags the ones who told on the other prisoners were the ones who receive special rewards; rather it was extra portions of food or even a day off from the work. There were some prisoners that were celebrities in the gulags. For Example Tsezar was a former movie star before he was arrested and sent to the gulags to serve his time. While he was in the gulags he was able to keep the things that were sent to him from his family and friends, but others believe that it was unfair but they envied the fact that he was granted so many opportunities. “Every nerve in his body was taut, all his longing was concentrated in that cigarette butt-whom meant more to him now, it seemed, than freedom itself-be would never lower himself like Fetiukov, he would never look at a man’s mouth.”(pg.25) this quote is significant because it shows an act of pride and dignity. It explains how Ivan has more respect for himself not look in Tsezar mouth because it would make him feel lower and more desperate for the cigarette butt. However, even though Tsezar was awarded so many opportunities than the other prisoners, he often share the things that were sent to him. Instead of giving the cigarette butt to Fetiukov he gave it to Ivan because Ivan wasn’t begging for it nor was he looking in his mouth and pressuring him while he was smoking the
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