Ford Mustang Porter's Five Forces

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d Ford Motor Company The Mustang Douglas J. Queen University of Maryland University College Executive Summary The auto industry remains highly competitive as there are many different choices for customers to select from. The main rivalry for the Mustang is from the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger as they are all considered to be “pony” cars. Though these vehicles are alike, the Mustang still remains leading the market share which demonstrates its preference of the consumer toward the Mustang. The aftermath of rising gas prices forced a shift in the way consumers decide what vehicle to buy. To Americans, the Mustang preserves a legacy that defines motoring. Over the last decade, Ford has improved its fleet’s fuel…show more content…
Ford also expected higher manufacturing, engineering, and spending-related costs to support the launches, as well as for products and capacity actions that will be launched in later periods. One marketing advantage the Ford Mustang has over its competitors is Ford’s 50th Year Anniversary model. Much like Chevrolet experienced with their Bumble Bee edition from the motion picture “Transformers”, Ford had a niche in the market. “It’s a shame that Chevy Camaro fans can’t celebrate a 50th anniversary in 2017 the way that Ford Mustang enthusiasts are doing right now. That’s because Ford’s pony hasn’t thrown a shoe since its 1964 debut, while Chevrolet unthinkably suspended its car for seven model years.”(Atiyeh, 2014) Distribution…show more content…
As a result, Ford recorded a $48 million increase in Equity in net assets of affiliated companies. (Ford, 2014) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis (SWOT) Strengths for Ford are the following: Ford is the third largest automaker in the world wide marketplace. Ford has a great standing reputation in its base market and has many commercial car sales. Additionally, Ford recently announced a decision to produce a streamlined comprehensive lineup of its models. Ford now focuses on designing and engineering vehicles that fits various regional consumer preferences and regulations, such as the Mustang GT CS (California Special). Weaknesses of Ford are that they have been criticized for poor efforts to decrease environment pollution. Therefore, Ford has increased their efforts to dramatically reduce the ecological effect of their products and day-to-day operations. Ford has set a goal to “reduce their facility carbon monoxide emission by 30 percent per vehicle by 2025 compared to a 2010 baseline.” (Ford,

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