Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Essay

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The loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has led to the loss of two hundred and thirty nine people. (Bennish). On March 8th, 2014, MH370 was flying normally from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing until radar communication between air-traffic control and the transponder were lost. This has led to eleven months of intense international searches to find any evidence of MH370. During the eleven months since hijacking, conspiracy theories have emerged and the only theory that is justified with evidence is hijacking. Although the majority believe Malaysian Airline Flight 370 was lost by accident, evidence proves that Fight 370 was lost due to a mishandling of the plane by an unsuspecting person on board who was supported by a government agency. First, evidence…show more content…
The passengers would not have the flight experience to be able to successfully carry out the operation of hijacking the plane. While the passengers did not have previous records of aviation experience, the evidence questions the passengers and their documentation. Bennish adds that two of the passengers did not have a passport necessary to travel on the flight. Bennish also reports that a pilot would not turn off the transponder unless under great stress which the pilot was not, as it was a normal flight. When passengers do not have proper documentation it raises dangerous red flags, such as whether the person is a terrorist or is banned from a country. Moreover, the two passengers with the stolen passports bought their passports from the South China Airlines ticketing office (Moore, Mendick, Sawer). Malaysian officials are confirming a terrorist attack “Even if both engines on the jet had failed, there should have been time to issue a distress call as the plane descended” (Moore, Mendick, Sawer). Since a distress call was not done, the most likely hijackers were the passengers, and the stolen passports only add to the evidence suggesting passenger hijacking. The evidence supporting the passenger hijacking the plane is overwhelming and therefore, passenger hijacking is a logical

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