It's Time To Kill A Gun-Personal Narrative

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Memoir I had been around hunting my whole life, but had never actually killed an animal. My dad, brother and best friend had all killed animals and it made me eager to do the same. I wanted to know how it felt to have killed an animal. I was wrong about the way i thought i would feel. I was very young the first time I watched a wild animal die by a gun. My brother and I would take our Red Ryder BB Guns and shoot at random objects in our yard. When a wild animal came around, we would shoot at it but never actually hit it. One day there was a bird on a branch in a tree. I started shooting at the bird and missed every shot i took. My brother took the gun out of my hands and, as it seemed a miracle, hit it. The bird fell out of the tree and took cover inside of a ditch tunnel that led to our driveway. My brother felt bad and told me we had to put it out of its misery. He took a second shot and killed it.…show more content…
We got pins and medals for however good we shot at the targets. We were taught gun safety and how to properly shoot guns. I would imagine the targets as bunnies, prairie dogs, etc. It made me want to shoot an animal even more. This continued until i was about 8 years old. I was 8 years old and it was the first year in our new house. We had property that was unknown to our family. My brother and I, especially, had new territory to explore. Everyday, we would ventured out into the woods to explore. We quickly became familiar with the woods and animals that it lived in it. There were bunnies, turkeys, coyotes, and numerous birds that flew from tree to tree. We used the knowledge we had gained from Stengels Gun Shop while hunting behind our new house. We didn’t get anything until after i finally got my first

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