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In the book Bad Boy, it talks about Mr. Walter Dean Myers family history. In chapter one on page 3, his mother name was Mary Dolly Green, she after giving birth to Imogene. His mother had five children: Gertrude, Ethel, George, Walter, and Imogene. George was the only brother he had. His father George Myers had 2 kids which was Walter’s stepsisters Geraldine and Viola. Florence Dean was his father’s first wife which, Walter considers his mother. They decided to move to Harlem with Herbert and Florence and the youngest boy Walter Milton Myers. In chapter 2 on page 7 talks about how Walter Dean Myers loves Harlem, New York. On page nine is what Walter loves mostly about Harlem is the music. Walter likes icy pops so, one day he had asked his mother can she take him to the store. She told him to go play so he gets mad and break his sister’s watch on page 11. His Aunt Nancy take naps during the day on pages 12 and 13. On page 16 Florence Dean had taught him how to read and, she would read to him.…show more content…
On page 17 it talks about how Walter Dean Myers could read on a second grade level but, couldn’t speak on a first grade level. It was this boy named Manuel Bonilla and he was laughing at his speech problem so, he punched him in the face. The Wicked Witch of West Harlem was Mrs. Dodson because, she was always mean. On page 23 Ralph Williams was special to Walter because, he gave him a lot of comic books. Since, he had his mother had given him his own key, he would hide the comics books under his bed. Mrs. Zeiss on page 25 would slap Walter at least once a day because he slapped a kid and, Walter had told his mother. Over the summer he was on punishment and, had been promoted to the fourth

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