Compare And Contrast Priscilla And The Wimps

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While the drama takes the best of a group of students could the shy girl put it to an end? In the short story, “Priscilla and the Wimps” by Richard Peck, Priscilla is brave. During a session in school, a gang, Klutter’s Kobras, believe they have the ability to do anything they desire, even if that includes verbally and physically abusing other students. Priscilla and Melvin, two very shy students who are each their own type of student, one afraid of the Kobras and the other who has never heard of them. Therefore, when the Kobras grab ahold of Melvin and chokes him, Priscilla , who had never heard of the Kobras before, breaks the hold on Melvin’s neck so he could breathe again. Priscilla is brave because she stands up for Melvin by hitting one of the Kobras , she speaks out against the Kobras, and she beats up Monk, the most untouchable person in school.…show more content…
The text states, “Then, quicker than an eye, she brings her enormous hand down in a chop that breaks the hold on Melvin’s throat. (Peck 2)” The Kobras are very powerful in that school, and could severely hurt Priscilla for standing up to them. No one had ever stood up to the Kobras before, so maybe Priscilla realized that someone had to eventually. Or perhaps she did that because Melvin was the only person who was really close to her. These details show how Priscilla was very brave because she broke the Kobras hand from Melvin’s

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