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People might try to drag someone down by saying that something is not probable, but if the person can firmly believe in him/herself, others will not be able to drag them down. Everything on a Waffle, by Polly Horvath, is a fictional story that takes place in Coal Harbor, British Columbia. Primrose is an eleven year old girl whose parents drowned at sea, according to every person in town except Primrose herself, but she attempts to search for her parents every day by sitting at the dock and waiting for them to come. Primrose never gave up on believing that her parents were still alive even through all her difficulties. She ended up being reunited with her parents and everyone who tried to make her believe that her parents were dead were extremely…show more content…
For example, in the story Primrose had been taken from her uncle and was given to foster parents. Moreover, when she went to her foster home, she didn’t whine or cry about going back home since she always believed that she would go back home. Also, Primrose actually made her foster parents into her friends instead of being mad at them for taking her away from her uncle because she knew it was not their fault. Additionally, whenever anyone told Primrose that her parents had died and that she should accept that, she did not fight with them at all. Furthermore, she would mostly just ignore them and go to her favorite restaurant, The Girl on the Red Swing, which is where she finds peace. In addition, Primrose would just inform the people that tell her her parents are dead that she believes they are alive and they will come back to her. For the reasons above, Primrose was exceedingly courageous for the reason that she would always face the problem and not get scared by…show more content…
The first time she learned it when she got permission to live with her uncle again, and the second time she learned it when her parents showed up alive. For instance, when her parents arrived, she observed that every person present was shocked to see them except her. For this reason, she realized that this whole time nobody had believed her even though they had not stopped her when she talked about her parents coming back. Also, Miss Honeycut, the counselor at Primrose’s school, was remarkably shocked when she saw them come into sight which led to Primrose comprehending that Miss Honeycut was the only one who was so sure that Primrose’s parents were dead that she was actually embarrassed when they showed up. Additionally, she gets to go back to Coal Harbor and live with her uncle again because she got permission from the government that he was a good person. Also, the only reason she got to go back and live with her uncle was because when a fire broke out in the townhouses, he was the first person to go in the fire to save somebody that was trapped in the house. Furthermore, even when Miss Honeycut tries to get Primrose to go back to the Foster parents, the government does not agree because of the heroic act done by Uncle Jack, Primrose’s uncle. Because of the reasons stated above, Primrose believes that if she believes and does not give up, she can overcome even the hardest

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