Frankenstein Good Vs Evil

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How good and evil are defined is based on perspective. A person that is considered to be good has a tendency to be kind or have a reliable attitude; an evil person is someone who receives pride from the suffering of others, but they are not necessarily born that way. Good and evil cannot be based on external actions, but instead on one’s interior motives. During this time, Mary Shelley was writing this book during Romanticism. She uses good and evil in her book Frankenstein to show her readers that a person should not fool with God’s creations because God will turn against people which also makes her readers aware that playing with God and achieving more information than should be required of experienced human beings will be destroyed. Since Mary Shelley wrote this book in the Romantic Era, it is normal that her works would reveal the Romantic movements. Shelley points out the man or creature in her novel felt and sensed things before he thought…show more content…
Victor, creator of the monster, gives a mental picture of his creation that modifies the dynamic of the book itself. It took about two years for Victor to create the monster. The creation is described as “yellow and too horrible for human eyes”. Even though the creature’s voice and social skills are quite appropriate, his appearance continues to scare people away. Victor illustrates the monster as “abhorred,” which involves a lot of disgust causing the reader to feel the struggle and protestation against existing. Victor’s creation creates the killing and the damage that disturbs Victor throughout his entire life. Victor loses his entire family at the hands of the creature and ultimately goes insane in the pursuit to end his life. As dark as this is, a discharge is needed for the reader not to think that there is no hope in continuing to

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