Billy May's Life And Accomplishments

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“The best things in life are free… And $19.99,” once said Billy Mays. Now, many people know Billy Mays as the “Infomercial King,” or as the “Oxiclean Guy.” Others know him as the “Bearded man on TV.” And some recognize him as William Darrell Mays Jr. Also widely familiar all around North America for his countless pitching days, it seemed as if Billy Mays was born for the spotlight, his enthusiasm and booming voice inviting everyone to enjoy the products that he sold. At the beginning, this star’s life began when he was born on July 20th, 1958, in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, USA. First, Billy Mays Junior’s small family consisted of no siblings and 2 parents by the names of Billy Mays Sr. and Joyce Palm. As a young boy, Billy Mays aimed to become a star athlete. He would run the streets of McKees Rocks all the way to Sto-Rox middle school and raise his arms in triumph, a clear Rocky Balba imitation after his exhausting run. Later on in life, he would become a star, but not the way that he thought he would. However, there’ll be more information of that later on.…show more content…
Just as his younger self predicted, Billy Mays became the most valuable player as a linebacker in his football team. Ever the people person, Billy Mays was popular in his school, by creating disgusting lunch combinations. Taking it even further, he would go as far as consuming his creations, causing his peers to cheer him on. Even back then, he was an attention seeker, bathing in the limelight. After his highschool years, he went on to West Virginia University, however, dropping out two years later. Within his two years of college, he assumed a huge role in becoming a walk-on linebacker for the Mountaineer football team. However, after he dropped out, football also seemed to drop out of his life as he went back to help his father in his old man’s hazardous waste

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