Major Themes Of Candide

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Wilfred Owusu-Boateng Professor William Burchenal Humanities 2033-001 12 October 2015 Journal 6 Voltaire was a philosopher and a writer who was born in Paris, France in 1694 and died in 1778. He wrote a story called Candide about a boy and his life story. As a philosopher Voltaire did not accept the idea that a perfect God or any God has to exist. This later translated into his novel, Candide. Some of the major themes of candid is to not be too optimistic and another theme is religion and Voltaire’s mockery of it. Candide is the story of a young man named Candide who lives in a castle owned by the Baron of Westphalia. Candide ends up falling in loving with the Baron’s daughter, but is kicked out by the Baron because he catches them kissing. He ends up getting forced into the army, but eventually escapes. Throughout the story more and more unfortunate and horrible things happen throughout Candide’s life, but eventually he finds love and settles down. One of the major ideas that this book challenged was the idea of an omnipotent God because it questioned why bad things happened if God was completely in control. This book was banned a month after its release because of…show more content…
Throughout the story he also references the pope to the “anti-christ.” One example is in the middle of the book where it states, “The orator's wife, putting her head out of the window, and spying a man that doubted whether the Pope was anti-christ, poured over him a full.” Basically the orator’s wife poured something all over Candid’s head because he didn’t believe the pope was the anti-christ. An example that shows how the religious figures are hypocrites is, when the orator asks Candid if he believes in the anti-christ, and Candid says no so he refuses to give candid food even though he’s a protestant minister who just preached about
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