Biff Wilcox's Accomplishments

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What do most musicians live like before their career? Many would suspect that any 1st chair player would have played music from a young age, but most people wouldn't expect a talented musician to have lived like Biff Wilcox once did. Wilcox has a history of violence that nobody who met him today would realize due to his facade of discipline and his passion for music. He may now be a skilled musician and trumpet fanatic, but, not long ago, his skills and interest in music were trumped by his love for violence and gang. Biff's most recent performance was at a parade in Anaheim, California. The Anaheim City Brass Band played a long list of songs such as the crowd favorite, "In the Mood." After this parade was over, all the 1st chair players were brought into interviews, with Wilcox appearing on the Late Tonight Show. There…show more content…
From a young age, Wilcox was a repeat miscreant, so he had large amounts of experience fighting. Biff often stole and was part of a network of gangs, including one involved in the famous "Rumble Fish Shooting." This often got him involved in violence that took its toll on his body. These were all a negative influence on Biff, but, eventually, he reached a turning point in his life due to them. Wilcox was hospitalized for, by his description, "a few weeks," at the age of 18 for extreme lacerations across his body; these were, supposedly, caused while Biff was in a fight and had a bike chain pulled on him. He was found and brought to the hospital quickly, and, in the hospital, he met the man who started his musical career. When asked, Wilcox expressed no regret in how he picked up music, even going as far as to suggest that, "On the path [he] was on as a kid, [he] would probably be in prison now." Once he talked to the trumpet player in the ICU, Biff knew he would take up music once he was

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