Ollie Young Bear

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There were 3 facts that lead David to know his father was investigating Mari's accusation. The first one was when David's father went to the coffee café, and he asked the Indian who was named Ollie Young Bear if Frank did something for Indian girls. The second fact was when David's father talked to Marie privately while his wife and his son were in the yard. The third fact was when David's father told David's grandfather about what Frank did to Indians. 2. Why did David like to bowl with his father? David liked to bowl with his father because David like the place which is called Castle Bowling Alley. He loved to play in that Castle, and he loved to the way acting just like his father such as, putting a soda on a table. 3. What did Marie mean when she said: “He won’t be happy until he’s white.”? Who was she talking about and why did she feel this way?…show more content…
Also, the white population in Montana liked Ollie, so he lost his influence and status among Indians. Marie meant that Ollie was proud of being liked among the withe population, and he would be more delighted if he were white. 4. Why was David asking his mother about his father questioning Marie, when he knows full well what is going on? David was asking his mother about his father questioning Marie because David wanted to be joined with his parent in discussions as he was an adult, and he was no longer a child. Also, David wanted his mother to reveal Marie's story by speaking out loud, so he could listen to Marie's story, and believe his ears to assuring what happened to Marie was

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