Ken Kessy's One Flew Over The Cuckoo

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, written by Ken Kessy, tells the story about a con man, who tries to bring equality into the institution against the head nurse. When the con man McMurphy battles with the big nurse Ms. Ratched, he slowly reveals the sinister ways of the asylum; however, he also reveals his untrue stupidity. Uplifting hope into the other patients, McMurphy leads his new group in fighting Ms. Ratched to put the system under the collective, correct conditions. On the day that McMurphy arrived, the institution contributed as a basic mental asylum. Almost all the patients acted as vegetables or completely challenged. They could not reject the black, muscled men in white suits, who forced them to have the electroshock therapy, which removed a portion of the brain. When McMurphy walked in, he started to crack up on some not funny jokes while he laughed at himself. Pretending to be challenged, McMurphy played his role to fool the head nurse Ratched. Scheduled to take showers one day, the patients lined up.…show more content…
Although the cards had naked women on them, Ratched was hesitant to allow him to play with those cards. So she advised for them to play Monopoly. To make things complicated, they decided to use real pennies for the dollar amount. A lunatic named Martini put a hotel marker on Boardwalk when Harding, another friend, landed on the space, and he put a hotel on water works because he said that it was a water depot. Since they requested another activity, the group wanted to play some basketball. A tall Indian, who was the narrator with an unknown name, strangely to everyone’s surprise wanted to understand the rules. With some practice, the friends began the game. Making the game more hilarious, Martini insisted on playing. Because he thinks that things are there, he would throw the ball either out of bounds for no apparent reason or pass it to the opposing

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