Into The Wild: Comparing The Book And Movie

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I liked this book. My favorite part of the book was when Buck attacked people because they threatened him or John Thornton. I wish that Charlie was in the book because that would've made it a whole lot better. It was sad that John Thornton died. I liked when John Thornton rescued Buck from the Charles, Hal, and Mercedes. I liked when John Thornton and Charlie found gold. I would of changed that Buck was took from Francis and Perswa, because I think he really started to like them. The setting really impacted the story because Buck grew up in sun kissed Santa Clara Valley in California. Buck was use to the heat and doing whatever he wanted when he wanted. Once Buck was stolen he was mistreated and there on a ship to go to Alaska.I liked in Alaska how Buck was in the snow and was trying to figure out what it was. Now Buck was in freezing cold environment where he first didn't even know where to sleep in the snow and how to sleep and stay warm in the Alaskan environment.…show more content…
So maybe since it's made by two different people made the movie and the book they have the right to change it.. What I didn't like in this book is that Buck was abused in this story which is wrong and against the law. I Didn't like that he was stolen by Menwell the gardener at Judge Miller’s place. I’ didnt like that he had to always to fight. I liked that Buck had gotten to stay in Alaska where Buck liked it. I would change that John thornton died to John Thornton was severely injured but barely made it through. The conflict is between John Thornton and his dad Judge Miller about being rich and working and stop wasting

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