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Belief in Witchcraft and the Rising Prestige of the Scientific Method To understand the rise of witchcraft, it is necessary to comprehend its origins and what triggered its practice to continue for generations. Therefore, this poses a critical issue of how people have continually depended on witchcraft to solve their problems. Firstly, the origin of the name witch is said to have happened thousands of years back. These practices have continued over the years despite their early origins, and some people do still trust in them. Witchcraft is also mainly associated with women, and it was believed that women were most fit for the practices since they were considered as givers of new lives ( Stein 217). Witchcraft was considered a way of solving…show more content…
The church was introduced by the elite and literate people. Therefore, the religious institutions encouraged the rise of the scientific era and the scientific methods. However, this message was understood by the elite and literate people. Therefore, the illiterate had no understanding of the scientific methods, which encouraged them to continue use of witchcraft to handle their issues. Additionally, the illiterate mostly attributed their misfortunes such as accidents and illnesses to evil supernatural forces. Due to this belief and the lack of understanding of the scientific facts and processes, these illiterate people continued to rely on witchcraft to help explain and solve their misfortunes (Mqotsi 159). On the other hand, the literate mostly led by the church through schools encouraged the use of the scientific methods since they termed witchcraft as evil practices (Berger 510). Consequently, this also illustrates the continued co-existence of witchcraft and the scientific…show more content…
This situation means that people have used the witchcraft to make a living by charging for any services they offer. Since there are people who believe in the existence of supernatural forces that influence certain events, they have continued to be involved with witchcraft at a price. Mainly, these people took advantage of the illiterate nature of the older people by promising them certain outcomes if they paid for the services. Those practicing witchcraft went to the extent of advertising their services through the media to gain more clients (Berger 510). Likewise, scientific methods have been able to yield huge monetary returns. Therefore, they have continued to be used by people not only for the money but also for the trust of scientific results. Therefore, people who seek to make money from witchcraft have continued to encourage people to pay which provides a living for them. It is because of this that the need to make money is a key factor that led to the existences of witchcraft while there are scientific methods that are more

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