How To Lower The Voting Age To 18 Essay

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In 1971, our nation, the United States of America, lowered the voting age to eighteen. Since then, “the voting rate among 18- to 24-year-olds has dropped fairly steadily. In the 2000 election, 42 percent of young adults voted, compared with 70 percent of those older than 25.” When we look at these numbers, it becomes evident that our country may be in trouble. We need more people to vote, and one way to do that is lower the voting age. Three reasons why the voting age should be lowered to sixteen are: 18 is not a good age to start voting at, teenagers have enough responsibility to vote, and it will provide economy boosts to local cities and states. The first reason why our country should lower the voting age to sixteen is eighteen is not a good age to start…show more content…
The voting age was set to 18 in 1971 because "that's the age at which people could be drafted and die for their country. They don't have enough life experience or history and don't know the issues in enough detail" (Quattlebaum 36). I know personally that the statement "They don't... know the issues in enough detail" to be false. I am in an American Civilizations class, and happen to know more about politics and our history than most Americans. But people still stereotype me because of my age. Being only fifteen years of age, some may say that I am not qualified to vote, or that it is not a great idea to let other people my age vote. Kay Stimson, the director of the New Millennium Young Voters Project, at the National Association of the Secretaries of State said that "any movement that gets young people involved in the electoral process is definitely a positive one" (Quattlebaum 39). If we do not lower the voting age, our young people of America may never be able to partake of this patriotic opportunity that will be sure to raise awareness and support for our

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