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Neftali Ricardo Eliecer Reyes Basoalto known by his pen name Pablo Neruda was born on July 12, 1904, in Parral, Chile. One month after he was born his mother, Rosa Basoalto died of Tuberculosis. Two years after, his father, Jose Del Carmen Reyes Morales moved to Temuco, Chile and get married to Trinidad Cambia Marvede, who became in a real mother to Pablo, who described as a sweet and diligent woman, had a pleasant sense of humor and an active and indefatigable kindness. His father was the driver of a train that carried stones. He used to take him to Boroa, the wild heart, where Pablo learned to love nature and the land that see him born. Which were the inspiration of poems like La Araucaria, Ode to the apple (extract), and La Infinita (the…show more content…
After a long time writing, Neruda's fell in love with her, and she realizes that he was the one writing. On July 18, 1917, he published his first article in “La Mañana” (the morning) newspaper called “Entusiasmo y Perseverancia” (Enthusiasm and Perseverance) signed by Neftalí Reyes, this was his first publication. One year later, on November 30, the “Corre Vuela de Santiago” magazine, it published the poem “Mis Ojos” (my eyes). By the end of the year, he published thirteen more poems in the same magazine using his pen name Pablo Neruda, the main reason why he did choose that name was that his father did not allow Neftalí to be a poet, it was then when he decided to have a pen name. One day he read about an artist, badalas and love songs singer and writer, and loved by Chile, he found the name that would be part of the poetry…show more content…
He said that the poems in this book were based on the combination of his school loves, nature and situations around his life. This, his second book received very good critics and became one of the most outstanding and loved around the world for having been translated into the English

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