Internal Change In Beowulf

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Some might say that a true hero is strong, tall, good looking, and has a strong chin. Although that may be true, a hero is not only about the physical appearance it is also about the internal traits of a hero. A hero can be described as intelligent, loving, bold, brave, altruistic, or even cunning. Throughout the epic of Beowulf you begin to see the internal change of Beowulf being a strong brave and zealous warrior, to him being a strong and wise king. This physical and mental process can be seen throughout the three battles with the three monsters; those monsters being Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the Dragon. We first see Beowulf come in as a much anticipated hero to the people of Herot. He comes in with much confidence of being the hero to take down Grendel that he goes on to say “…That I…show more content…
The epic reads “… He leaped into the lake, would not wait for anyone’s answer” (Raffel, 570-571.) You are able to see here that Beowulf has the same warrior spirit that he had with the fight against Grendel. He shows his eagerness to come and battle with the monsters mother. During this battle you see that his confidence has a roller coaster effect; as his weapons and armor give out on him. He then realizes that he wants the fame and he goes back into battle with Grendel’s mother only using his hands for he said that if his weapons have out on him that he would go into battle with his bare hands. (Raffle, 595-615) now in these lines you can clearly see Beowulf’s persistent nature in that he wanted to win the battle.; he wanted it so bad that he would even use his own hands to defeat his enemy. Beowulf ends up defeating the mother and finds Grendel and takes his head back to Hrothgar. Now this isn’t the last battle that Beowulf has to go through for we will see within the next fifty years of his life, what and with who this battle

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