Dove Real Beauty Case Study

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Evolution of a Brand – what is next? Throughout its Campaign for Real Beauty (CRB) Dove effectively identified their target audience through consultations with the experts and exploratory market research, which included surveying women from different cultures and nationalities across the world. It has been accepted that Dove became a trendsetter and challenged the industry with introduction of new beauty concepts and developing self-esteem in women. Dove was able to connect with the customers on an emotional and personal level. The debates unleashed in social media on the redefinition of beauty fueled the interest to this issue, and did so to the extent that the company is facing a serious issue for its future campaigns: the social debate…show more content…
As said by Stacie Bright, Unilever Senior Communication Marketing Manager: “We knew we were well on our way to achieving our goals when the media began covering the media covering the campaign.” External - Here are some of my own observations. While preparing for the case, I asked ten of my female friends to watch several ads by Dove. Most of my friends said that they saw these ads, shared and discussed them on the Internet – but they never knew these were Dove’s ads. They were sure that these short clips were produced by a social organization, women empowerment non-profit, etc. Reading forums and comments under the Dove’s ads in social media, it occurred to me that only a handful of people who commented actually mentioned “Dove” in their posts. They always wrote about the beauty, self-esteem and men (!) but rarely about Dove. Alternatives There is always a chance to continue the same marketing strategy and pursue the conversation, while trying to promote a product. It will bring the attention to the product, maintain the loyalty of the existing customers and keep them engaged with the

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