Instruments During The Elizabethan Era

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Music & Musician People during the Elizabethan Age used a wide variety of instruments. Even though these times dated back as far as the 1500’s, they still had a plethora of instruments to play. The string instruments were either plucked or used with a bow. The wind instruments were not exhausting to play, but some stamina was required. The heart of the band is the percussion Instruments. There were a wide range of percussion instruments used in this era. Keyboard instruments were very popular. The following is a few examples used during that time: The Spinet, The Harpsichord, And the Virginals. They might not Sound familiar, but these were the everyday instrument during this age, as the xylophone and Piano are today. They actually made the instruments, and traded other goods for them. They were mostly traded or borrowed, because the process to make them took a long time. The instruments that were traded were transported by ship or by carriage depending on the distance the trade partner was. Most of the Wind Instruments were welded to make them into…show more content…
It took between 6-10 months to build the simplest of wind instruments. Once these instruments were made they were sold as a profit. Some were made as a demand from royalty as a form of entertainment. So when they crafted these instruments they had to make sure they did it as fast as they could, but also the proper way so the instrument would function properly. During the Elizabethan Era there were many popular instruments. The lute was the most popular instrument. When the lute was soon found out to be the most popular they decided to create more like it, just in different forms. The largest of the forms that were made was the Chittarone; it was a 6 foot tall Lute. Elizabethan composers for the music used of two distinct styles which were called the Ayreig &Madral. Those two styles also led to more development of the Lute

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