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Human rights were one of the reason why we lived in a peaceful world. Without it, the world would be full of killings and wars. Sadly, the Philippines in the eyes of the international community has a very poor human rights record due to its alarming incidence of extrajudicial killings and unexplained disappearances/ abductions of private individuals without anyone being held accountable (Reyes & Castillo, 2016). An average of 11 people were killed daily based on PNP statistics and a total of 239 deaths (Felipe,2016). The number of deaths was increasing because of extrajudicial killing. Some claim extrajudicial killing as a solution for eradicating crime because it lessen the number of criminals and it is an easier way of eradicating criminals but extrajudicial killing is also a crime, it deprives the life of a certain person, and does not show any evidence that the one who was killed was a criminal. It is not a solution because it needs a solution. It is not a a math problem that can be easily solved no matter how hard the problem is, but it is a serious, deadly, and a difficult phenomenon that we are facing right now.…show more content…
The meaning itself tells us that it is unethical since they circumvent the due process of the legal jurisdiction. Extrajudicial will never eradicate crimes because it will just enlarge the number of crimes though the population will decrease. "Killing is a crime. Homicide and murders are extrajudicial killing too. The name is a misnomer since every killing, outside of the death penalty, is extrajudicial."(Reyes & Castillo, 2016) Killing is a crime and the one who killed the suspected criminal was also a criminal. The fact that he/she killed someone was already a crime so he/she was a criminal even if he/she is a police

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