Insanity In The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe

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Tell- Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, he put a lot of symbolism, and the sanity of the narrator and his excuse on why he had killed the old man with the “vulture eye”. Poe's realization of the narrator's dementia is a classic study in insanity. “The Tell-Tale Heart” shows the unreasonable, violent, and self-destructive impulses of human nature. Poe's short story over murder and terror, told by a nameless criminally man, trying to prove why he is not a madman. One of the symbols of "The Tell-Tale Heart" is that he will eventually become like the old man and his vulture eye. That’s why the old man’s eye is so important to the story it is representing the eventual future. Also he isn't fighting himself or the old man, but he is trying to fight time. Which time represents watches, and the heart represents the tell- tale. When you put them both together it becomes the narrator fighting off the future. Making the old man inseparable from his murderer. This story is where a man, who is the murderer, is trying to convince the readers that he is not insane, instead of trying to prove his innocence. But the readers are made to question his sanity. It is written to be ironic to were his saying of sanity has an opposite effect on the reader. He seems to be obsessed with his sanity than anything else, such as his…show more content…
The crusader has no real reason for wanting to murder the old man.Yes, he says the old man has never done him wrong and that he cares for him and does not want his cash (“An overview of 'The Tell-Tale
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