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Carrie Finholm 2nd hour When cells are about to divide, cancer is the result for when something went wrong or when cells are damaged. In the United States, the 2nd leading cause of death is cancer. Millions of people have either had cancer or have died from it. There are many different types of cancers with in the world. One of the most common cancers that occurs in the United States is skin cancer. Skin cancer is basically is when you have an abnormal growth amount of skin cells and you can’t control it. It happens from when DNA is unrepaired and does damage to skin cells, causes mutations or if someone has genetic defects. This leads to skin cells multiplying then accelerating towards tumors. Skin cancer is the most common cancer currently in the United States. It makes up about half of people who are diagnosed with cancer. As said on, There are 3 main types of skin…show more content…
Scientists have found skin cancer cells in mummies and it was documented that people started to learn more about the human body during the Renaissance period. The first person actually documented on records to discover and identify skin cancer was in 1787, a Scottish surgeon and anatomist named John Hunter. After several years of research, scientists began to realize that cancer could be treated. Skin cancer takes place in males rather than females. Predominantly, skin cancer develops from fair caucasian skin. People who have fair skin, blonde hair, lighter eyes, and sunburn easily tend to be more at risk than others. Dark skin tones are more unlikely to get skin cancer. Even though skin cancer is popular with certain charastics, anyone can develop skin cancer. The most people diagnosed with skin cancer are commonly are found within the United states. It is a greater probability to occur in warm, sunny

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