Skin Cancer Informative Speech

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One of the best things about summer is being poolside soaking up the sun. For most it is a carefree time filled with fun and relaxation. Lifeguards spend a great deal of time in the sun day in and day out. With this constant exposure, you need to be aware of the early signs of skin cancer. Catching this disease in the beginning stages can mean the difference between life and death. Skin cancer may seem like a harmless cancer, but when left untreated it can be life threatening. Educate yourself with the early warning signs before it's too late. What are you looking for? Skin cancer can affect anyone, regardless of skin color. It doesn't even take much exposure to the sun for skin cancer to take root. Irregular moles are the number indicator of possible cancer. Knowing what makes an irregular mole is key to separating the harmless from the dangerous. An easy way to identify harmful moles is by following the ABC's of melanoma as outlined by…show more content…
Border - if the border of your mole is hard to define, it is irregular and should be checked. Color - moles that are one color are generally harmless, multicolor moles can be an early sign of skin cancer. Diameter - if the diameter of your mole is larger than a pencil eraser (appx 6 mm), get it checked asap! Evolution - if your mole is changing in any way, shape or form it can, contact your dermatologist as immediately. Examine Yourself! Knowing the sign of skin cancer is only useful if you put that knowledge to work. You should examine your body regularly for the early indicators of cancer. Using a full size mirror or hand-held mirror, carefully look over your entire body. Don't forget to check under your arms, your elbows when they are bent, in and around your ears, between your toes and the palms of your hands. Those places are often

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