Informative Speech On Skin Cancer

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I would like to start off by saying that most skin cancers can be prevented by using sunscreen, and staying out of tanning beds. The first skin cancer I am going to talk about is Malignant Melanoma this skin cancer when detected in early stages can most likely be cured. This is a cancer I know very well, as my sister is a survivor of melanoma. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s sunbathing with oils, especially baby oil was very big. We were part of the sunbathing craze, from beaches to poolsides from mid-morning to late afternoons with no sunscreen, everyone wanted that golden California tan. It was in her early twenties she had noticed that the mole on her thigh had change. The boarder of the mole was irregular, the sides did not match, it was…show more content…
Well, we were very wrong, from first glance the dermatologist told us she was ninety eight percent sure this was malignant melanoma. She needed to have a biopsy which was about one and a half inches wide to one inch deep. I remember thinking that seemed so big for such a small mole. Within twenty four hours everything had changed and we feared for my sisters life. She had stage four melanoma. The doctor began talking about the severity and urgency of not prolonging the surgery as melanoma has four stages and the survival rate in the fourth stage is rare. Stage four melanoma can manifest very quickly to other parts of your body, your lungs, liver, bones, brain, eyes, abdomen and lymph nodes. Without any delay the surgery was scheduled within the week. What was once thought of as a large biopsy had became a gapping hole in her thigh. The surgeon removed ten center meters round and about one inch deep through the five layers of the epidermis to the bottom layer of the dermis. Having to cover the gapping hole in her leg they took a skin graft on her bottom (gluteus maximus) and applied it to the wide excision, it took a

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