Without Explanations In Hamlet

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Without the concept of explanation, life would be very difficult. Imagine being a child and first discovering that there is a great, big world out there. Children by nature are very curious and inquisitive beings and are constantly asking questions to learn about the environment around them. If these children's parents or caregivers did not answer their questions, these children would be extremely confused and would not be able to live up to their full potential. This same type of explanation is required in plays. As a reader, questions often come up that, without explanation by the author, would make the play confusing or even unintelligible. Authors often use soliloquies to further explain and give more information about what is happening…show more content…
One of the play’s major themes is morality. Hamlet has always known that everyone was going to die sometime, yet he does not know what comes after death. This is where the real conflict erupts in Hamlet. Not knowing what is going to happen after death is fear enough to not want to experience it. The bad, but known is better than an unknown and possibly worse situation. Alternatively, the fear of not knowing what is after the sleep of death is worse than facing what is already in front of a person. Thinking this way, Hamlet is essentially calling all people cowards, “thus conscience does make cowards of us all” (III.i.83), for not committing suicide for this reason. Hamlet theorizes that this cowardice is enough to make a person prolong his suffering. With this statement Hamlet is also calling himself a coward. It can be inferred about Hamlet that he also is feeling cowardly about enacting the revenge and that is why he is having doubts in the first place. The issue of morality is also a big player in Hamlet’s decision making. He knows that suicide is considered a crime in God’s eyes. Hamlet does not want to die only to go on to another place worse than the one he just came from. He believes that if God finds his actions to be immoral he will punish him with a miserable

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