Inequality In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Inequality throughout any society is will always lead to their downfall no matter how big or strong they are. From unequal amounts of pay through significant gaps in power, no society can last forever with these issues. Throughout Animal Farm by George Orwell, the animals of the farm suffer from many dilemmas and the unfair rule of a tyrannical leader. There are many factors that will leads to their downfall but the most important are the significant differences in education where most animals but the pigs are uneducated, and the intimidation brought upon the animals by the dogs.(Timothy Kim) The lack of obtainable knowledge of the animals brought forth the downfall of Animal Farm. When the pigs came to manipulate the rules the other animals didn't have the intelligence to understand what was going on. The pigs took advantage of the other animal’s stupidity and let themselves live in…show more content…
The pigs also made changes and developed stories out of their intelligence which helped them gain firm control over Animal Farm. They also leached off the stupidity of the other animals. All along the pigs knew they could take full advantage of the animals because they could not remember much of the original rules. Whenever the animals tried to question Napoleon's power, squealer would incorporate his wit and would tell them “not to think of leadership as a pleasure but rather an extra labour at the expense of Napoleon.” (55) When a society has a group of corrupt beings, they tend to take advantage of a situation to benefit themselves. For example, if an older person told his siblings that something catastrophic would happen to them if they cleaned the rooms then the younger siblings would by all means step ahead and do the job. The corrupt would use their supreme brain capacity to make others think that “ there were never rulings against beds.” (67) (Hakim

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