Indian Aircraft Flight Short Story

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“Haaa mom, how long is the flight gonna take?” “What are you grumbling about? It’s only going to take 13 hours. We’ll be back in Hawaii in no time, also you still have a week left before school starts so don’t complain!” “I’m just bummed that I won’t get to see grandma and grandpa again for a long time.” “Hmmn? Be honest you just like your childhood friend Chiaki!” “What no! Even if I did we still won’t be able to have a-“ HAWAIIAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 1754 NOW BOARDING “Hey come on Raiden, let’s go!” When the mother and son duo boarded the plane, they adjusted accordingly. And in no time they left the ground along with Japan. However half an hour after they took flight, Raiden heard a distinct loud boom through his headphones which was…show more content…
People scavenged the wrecked airplane to find food supplies and bottled drinks. While other calmed people who were either traumatized or traumatized to the point of insanity. The smart ones tried to find out information about the island, and if they could still communicate with the outside world so they could get help. It was futile though, there was no signal and the person who tried to circumvent the island took almost an hour and a half to come back but the island was too large, he told others that he could see a mountain in the middle of the island and that he saw quite a variety of creatures living here. Night dawned, Raiden and his mom sat near a giant fire with other survivors. They ate canned goods from the scavenged baggages. Everyone was quite, too much had happened and all of this was quite unexpected. Raiden and his mom found an empty space on the beach and with the blankets they found, they tried to sleep. But in this situation who could sleep? Raiden wasn’t dumb, he needed rest especially because of the wound that he has, along with bruises and other scratches he can barely move his

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