In What Ways Did Wars Shape The Social Economic And Political Conditions Essay

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Wyatt Seel 10/12/14 Ingo Trauschweizer Prompt 2 In what ways did wars shape the social, economic, and political conditions of the modern world from about 1750 to the present? Make sure to address examples from several continents. Much of the world as we know it today was shaped by the results of war, including social, economic and political conditions. It was through war, that many political reforms were made, shaping various governments into how they stand today. War can drain the wealth of a country, disrupt global markets and depress economic growth while positively increasing for goods and labor. A social condition of a country can be dramatically changed by the negative and positive effects that war has not only on a country, but also on the world. War played an important role in the way that the world's social, economic and political conditions changed and were formed throughout history. Wars shaped political conditions by the spread of ones country's political beliefs being imposed onto that of the country that they are at war with. War has always been a catalyst for political reform; war is a means for a country to spread their political stance onto another in the hopes of strengthening their…show more content…
At the time the colonies were under the control of the English government, which they deemed was unfair making them want to gain independence where they could make their own form of government a republic. A more modern example of this is the Korean War, which essentially a civil war between the communist north supported by China and Russia against the republic south supported by the United Nations. The northern part of the country wanted it to become a communist country while the south wanted it to be a republic this created civil unrest especially after World War II where the country was split along the 38th

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