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The creation of the Black Panter Party by Huey and Bobby was a stepping stone for racial survival. The Panter party was created to create opportunities for black people who unequally treated. The party wanted a safe haven for its people and all people. It was a racial party who decided to pick up guns than negotiate a peace bargain. The reason the Panters decided to pick up guns in the first place was because of the police brutally towards the black race. Peaceful protest was often ended with people injured by police forces. These protesters only wanted the rights given to them by the constitution. They wanted to the freedom and seen without suspicion. The Panter party helped the overall civil rights movement in certain areas where it was lacking. Most of the…show more content…
Huey wanted a source of correct information. He wanted the people to have access to the right information and not some bias stuff. Huey created a newspaper for the party so its voice could be heard. He wanted to spread a message across to the people and to the oppressors. It was his clear thinking which made Huey a precise thinker and a leader. It was not afraid to point a gun to get the right information or resources for the movement. His actions made his words heard and his beliefs spread to his subordinates. Huey was a writer, he had to solve concrete issues with the Panters. The party was facing a lot of problems left and right. Its members were getting arrested and jailed. Huey had to find a way to communicate and deliver hope to those who were imprisoned. He also wanted a source by which those jailed could be taken out through bail. He also faced time in prison. A few words of his was posted on ( as he spoken regarding the racial issues crippling American and why he had to fight for the

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