Advantages Of Computer Aided Drawing

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CAD(Computer Aided Drawing) applications are very popular all over the world nowadays, and also, every university trains their students about these applications.Engineers, architects, drafters, artists use CAD applications for creating a sensitive drawing or technical illustrations. Thanks to the CAD system, a lot of things such as the airplane, building, furniture, car etc. can be created. CAD software can be used to create three-dimensional(3-D) drawing or two-dimensional(2-D) models.Why are these applications so popular today? Which features provide advantages and convenience? Why should people choose CAD, instead of hand drafting? Why the companies prefer these applications even though they are very expensive? There are many possible answers…show more content…
Thanks to drawing speed, companies gain time in the long term run.In the business world, time is very valuable thing today and companies want to save time.According to SARCAR, Rao & Narayan, (2008,p.17),’’CAD is inherently faster than traditional manual design process. CAD tools reduce the number of iterations It speeds up the task of preparing reparts and bill of material using a CAD system.’’ Although some complex drawings take hours and require a lot of drafters if they are drawn by hand, CAD provides drafters to overcome all these difficulties and illustrators can draw whatever they want in a much shorter time.Moreover, people can draw something accurately by using CAD.In CAD, there are several methods to obtain exact dimensions such as object snap and point locating. For example, by object snapping facilities, drafters can snap to specific points such as an endpoint of an arc, the midpoint of a line, or the center point of a circle on existing objects. Also, by locating points technique, coordinates specify a drawing location by indicating points along an X, Y and Z axis or an angle and distance from another point. To conclude, CAD applications provide us to draw something quickly and…show more content…
Thanks to communications between the systems, drafters import and export their drawings into another software. They can open their drawings and modify them even if they didn’t draw their drawing in this application. Khiati(2011 p.93) states that CAD applications allow the users to turn their drawings quickly and easily to another format. They can see different features and views of their drawing by importing facility. Also, people can also get 3D models of their design by co-operating the software. Today’s world, 3d models are very valuable things. In hand drafting, get 3-D outputs of drafting are almost impossible and it requires in the order of days. On the other hand, by using CAD applications engineers and drafters can get 3-D outputs of their drawings in the order of 15 minutes. They can see all faces of the object in different perspectives and make changes if they need. In short, when drafters draw their object, they can import this drawing and share their colleagues which don’t use the same applications and get a 3-D model of their drawing to add visuality their works. In short, you can use these applications to draw models much more quickly and accurately and you can change your work without erasing and redrawing and also import your work by using convert system of these applications. Sure, there are a lot of another advantage but, these are general advantages

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