Paranoid Personality Disorder Literature Review

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A CURRENT REVIEW ON PERSONALITY DISORDERS ; A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW. A Personality Disorder involves a pattern of long-lasting maladaptive pattern of inner experience and behavior dating back to adolescence or young adulthood that is manifested in at least two of the following areas; 1] Cognition, 2]Affectivity, 3]Interpersonal functioning 4]Impulse control. This inflexible pattern is evident in various personal and social situations, and it causes distress or impairment. The Personality Disorders represent a collection of diverse and complex patterns of behavior. The expression of psychological disturbance quite different for each, yet problems that people with personality disorders experience are present everyday and in…show more content…
The latest research involves using drugs, though these drugs are currently awaiting approval from FDA. Another major findings about this disorder helps psychologists and doctors correctly assess patient's state of mind. The biggest medical findings is in the realm of treatment and idiopathic paranoia is studied closely to try and understand the common symptoms associated with the five principal types of paranoid personality disorder as defined by Dr. Theodore Millon. These are the fanatic paranoid, the malignant paranoid, the obdurate paranoid, the querulous paranoid, and the insular paranoid. Physiological effects are also found in paranoid personality disorder and treatment has a neurological basis and these conditions include temporal lobe epilepsy. While most of the symptoms of the disorder are highly disabling or distressing, these problems may also occur in combination with schizophrenia. The medical discovery that has led to the co-occurrence of these two psychological disorders opens up new doors. This has now enabled psychiatrists and medical practitioners to prescribe the same drugs that are used in the treatment of schizophrenia to deal with the problem of paranoid personality disorder too. Detailed research and medical tests show that paranoid personality disorder symptoms can also occur during the course of paranoid personality disorder treatment. One of the biggest medical breakthroughs in understanding the problem has been through stress tests. Paranoid personality disorder treatment that is based along the lines of giving patients the ability and power to cope with extreme levels of stress is found to be extremely effective. While very brief psychotic episodes whose average duration varies from a time span of minutes to a few

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