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Take A Break At Purr Cat Café In Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is home to shopping malls of mega sizes that could take days to explore. Don’t even get me started on their weekend and night markets that will give the phrase “shop till you drop” a whole new meaning. It is then a no-brainer for them to also provide services of relaxation like the traditional Thai massage or a fish spa. An alternative relaxation go-to would be to spend your time at Purr Cat Café Bangkok with over 30 exotic and cuddly cats desperately wanting your attention. Cats Rule! The cats at Purr Cat Café cats are the true owners of the café and they have set up a few rules for humans who step into the premisesentering the café. Humans entering this cat haven is required…show more content…
But not to worry, some are considerate enough to acknowledge your presence. You will find some of them taking a snooze on the comfortable arm chairs, tables, shelves or stretched out on the floor. Cat Haven! There are plenty of tables and chairs for humans to go around but sometimes, the cats may choose to sleep on one of these comfortable chairs! Ensure that you check your seat first to avoidprevent from sitting unknowingly on a sleeping cat. A much safer choice is to opt for floor seats where it will be easier for you to interact and play with the cats. Easy to get there Getting to Purr Cat Café is conveniently accessiblereached by taking the Bangkok Sky Train (BTS). Alight at Thong Lo Station (Station E6) and head towards Sukhumvit 53 Alley where it’s a 9- minute walk to the cat café. Look out for the sign that has two cats on it which should be on your left as you approach the café. Unwind Yourself with Cats! After all that shopping and all the food you manage to stuff yourself with, a great way to unwind is to definitely surround yourself with cats. They are cute, cuddly and their clumsy antics will definitely put a smile on your face. They love to be pampered so give them generous pets and be sure to take lots of

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