The Stereotypes Of Anonymity In Large Crowd

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LeBon (1879), noted: ‘isolated, a man may be a cultured individual; in a crowd he is a barbarian’ (Gross, R, et al, 2000, p.244). His belief was that the more anonymous the crowd was, the more likely people are inclined to lose their morals and individuality, leading them to make extreme decisions they may not have even thought of when alone. He thought that this was perhaps because it made people feel freer and lightened of any responsibilities they once had. However, Festinger, et al (1952) offered that maybe it was more due to the fact the being part of a group made people feel wanted, and as though they finally had a sense of belonging. (Gross, R, et al, pg.244) Anonymity in large crowds is a theory that can be tied to many things, including

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