Major Differences In The Movie 'Jaws'

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Even though the movie “Jaws” and the novel have many major difference’s, I think that we can all agree that there is more to the story than a shark killing a bunch of innocent people. In both story’s, Brody, must overcome several more problems than just catching the killer shark. He must overcome Mayor Vaughan and the whole town of amity who does not want the beaches closed, as well as overcome his own fear of the sea to catch the shark and once again make Amity a safe place to live. (Man vs. Society) Brody was born in New York, so to the citizens of Amity, he is an outsider. The people of amity will consider anybody and everybody who wasn’t born on the island, an outsider. The fact that Brody isn’t accepted as an “Islander” just makes it…show more content…
Himself) Even if it may seem as every character besides Brody’s family and Hooper is an obstacle for the chief of police, his biggest obstacle may be himself. In the beginning of the movie it shows us how Brody has had a fear of deep water since he was a child & how it still affects him in his adult life. Besides the fact that he must overcome his biggest fear to even get near the shark, there is another controversial conflict Brody goes through with himself. Brody struggles with coming up with the courage to take charge of his town, and tell Mayor Vaughan what is best for the safety of Amity. If Officer Brody could muster up the courage to take actions into his own hands and close the beaches of Amity after the first attack, then this would not even be a conflict. For example, on the 4th page of the novel/booklet Brody states to Larry “There’s something in the code that says I can take whatever actions I deem necessary in the event of an emergency…. Unofficially, I figure it’s my responsibility to keep the people that live here as safe as I can, and now it’s my judgement that means closing the beaches for a couple days”. After Larry explained to Brody how much money the town makes from the beaches around the fourth of July, the officer sided with the Mayor even though deep down he knew it was not the right

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