If I Should Die Before I Wake Book Report

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“If I Should Die Before I Wake” is a historical fiction book written by Han Nolan. The 293 page book focuses on a teenage girl named Hilary. She is an Aryan Warrior who is in a motorcycle wreck with her boyfriend and is in a coma with her mother praying she gets better, she dreams that she is a Jew named Chana in World War II. Chana is a fourteen year old girl who lives in Poland and everything is very different. She goes from a normal life to being treated very cruelly. Now she has to step off the sidewalk if someone more important is walking on it. Chana and her family including her Mom, her grandmother called Bubbe and her grandfather named Zayde, and her 3 siblings Jakub, Anya, and Nadzia. While mourning their father’s death during the Shiva. They are interrupted because…show more content…
Chana and her grandmother, Bubbe are out of the ghetto and are now free. Until they are rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. Chana and Bubbe are treated cruelly and are split up, they don’t see each other very much. Bubbe is busy helping other people and Chana gets a little jealous. Together they see things that they wish they hadn’t. They have gotten used to death and piles of deteriorating bodies. They are fighting to survive. As Hilary is vividly dreaming about Chana in Auschwitz, she is still in a coma. She is fighting to survive in the real world. Until she is awakened by the doctors. Hilary’s is confused and groggy but she is awake. As Hilary tries to rest, she dreams about Bubbe. Bubbe tells her that her gift is to help the world. She has lived a life as a Jew and she is supposed to help the cause and stop being an Aryan Warrior. Can she help? Can Hilary help save the world? The theme of this book was very clear when Chana and Bubbe were sent to Auschwitz and were close to death but they never lose faith. Bubbe kept her faith and that also inspired Chana. The theme of this book was never give up faith. Chana and Bubbe showed this a lot and never gave up faith in

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