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Franz Marc one of the leading artists of the German Expressionist artists of the Der Blaue Reiter movement, who focused on “lyrical abstraction in their works, as well as a mystical feeling with deep spiritual content” (Encyclopedia Brittanica). However, his work was more animal-centric. He believed that “animals possessed a certain godliness about them that men had since long lost because of materialism and lack of empathy” (Guggenheim). While Franz Marc painted many other works throughout his life, there is none that invokes his particular beliefs more than the Yellow Cow. Not only does this particular painting serve as a representation to his beliefs about animals and their sentimental value, but it also makes one think about the relationship…show more content…
The first thing that the viewer notices is that the cow is not a color that one would think of, which is usually black, brown, or white. It is yellow with purple spots on it. Marc did not paint the cow yellow and purple on accident. The reason that he painted the cow yellow was that he wanted to show a different perspective about who and what a cow is without following any stringent qualifications. On the other hand, the reason why he painted the cow’s spots purple was because he not only wanted to show a different perspective, but he also wanted to give the cow royalty, as well as a cow, who is godlike and is moral and ethical. In society, one is taught that this is a cow is this color and looks and acts in a particular manner. However, in this particular work of art it challenges those preconceived notions through its colors. If he painted the cow from a societal norm perspective, not only does this painting lose its meaning, but it also robs one of having empathy for the cow and understanding why the cow is significant in this painting. Another reason that Marc painted the color yellow was to provide the viewer of the work to embark in a sense of thought. He wanted the viewer to think not only about the color choice, but also wanted the viewer to understand the significance and the symbolism of the color…show more content…
Marc is trying to tell one that through art that not only can we find the truth to questions that one may have, but also one is able to understand things that perhaps were not as obvious to one beforehand. As humans, one has the tendency to only look at paintings from a surface level, which not only leaves one with a sense of apathy, but one fails to fully grasp what the true meaning of the work is suppose to make one say or do. Through the Yellow Cow, Marc is challenging this established action that has led society to have an unappreciation of art through its interactivity. He is also relaying to a sense of questioning through his works and how it also helps one to understand his perspective. Through Franz Marc’s perspective of the Yellow Cow, it challenges one to think about certain images and aspects from a different perspective. As humans, one has the tendency to only see paintings from one perspective, which is one’s and which leads to not only misinterpretation, but also leads to the viewer being stubborn because the work’s meaning is not concrete. This leads Marc to having a rebelling tone throughout the

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