Ice Road Truckers Analysis

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While the name of the show, Ice Road Truckers, is fairly enticing you’ve got to admit that the idea of watching people drive trucks around doesn’t really seem that exciting. Even if they are doing so in dangerous conditions. You might think this until you actually sit down and watch the show for yourself. Once you do you’ll quickly understand why the show has been so successful. Not only are there colourful characters with interesting backstories and hidden industry politics to enjoy but there is also the thread of danger woven into each and every episode. And of course this is what keeps us coming back. The show keeps us hooked by telling us how dangerous the job is and how a trucker is always seconds from disaster when crossing the ice. Although…show more content…
It seems pretty unusual for a 22-year old rookie trucker to end up with a name like this doesn’t it? Contrary to what you might think she didn’t get this nickname because of her driving style, it came about because of the way she handled a mallet. Here’s what happened: Steph and Todd were sent out to retrieve two trailers from a small fishing village (which had been left there in the previous season) but when they arrived they found that the one trailer was completely frozen and they were unable to hook it up. Todd attempted to free it using a large chain but when that didn’t work Steph stepped in with a mallet and began pounding away, eventually freeing the trailer hitch. And that’s how she became Steph “Hammer Down”…show more content…
Among the most shocking footage was from the opening credits of the first season where a massive rig is pictured breaking through the ice and plunging into the freezing water underneath. And it appears that the cameraman was right there to capture it all. Not long after the show aired a rumour circulated that the executives of the show had created the shot using explosives and a real truck but no-one could prove this. According to the studio the sequence was created for the show but not using a real truck. Instead they filmed the shot using a miniature model inside a

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