Ice Mountain: A Short Story

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The two continued on their way. The harsh leaves turned into slush and eventually hardened white snow when they reached the base of the mountain. The mountain peaked beyond what they could see, and smog layered the surface below. Despite being called Ice Mountain, it wasn’t very cold. In fact, the snow itself wasn’t even snow…it was marshmallow fluff. Unbeknownst to the two, Zach eagerly climb first and quickly realized this wasn’t going to be easy. “Um. Zach, I don’t think…?” “No time to worry now. We said we would do this, now we’re doing it, let’s go” Zach repeated the same failed action, his hand slipping and falling over and over “what is up with this snow its sticky and,” Zach took a quick lick of the foamy and fluffy snow. “…. This…show more content…
Zach breathed heavily while towering over the now submissive monster. “That was easier than I thought.” Indigo wiped the gross monster slim on her pants. “See, monsters are all big and bad till they meet someone stronger than them.” They continued through the cave leading to the mountain side. Below the two kids stood an army of men small and wide marching towards the large kingdom. “Woah.” The Azmarin kingdom stood taller than the golden palace and painted the Azmarin sky with dark rainy clouds. The kingdom’s doors were ornamented with lapis lazuli crystals. White porcelain floors guided the walkway and was enclosed between golden fountains that spit out crystalized water. Grey skies began to pour out black rain and the countrymen marched in accordance muddy footprints staining the porcelain walkways. The two adventurers slide down the mountain side making their way toward the militia. “Wait” indigo ran quickly, gliding through the crowd like a fire to the forefront. “Get out of the way, we must stop the king!” one countrymen said. “I want to help you, me and my friend want to help. We come from the golden palace!” “Get in line!” another countryman…show more content…
“He’s going north!” The two kids breathlessly stood and pondered their dilemma, “We can’t chase him, he’s too fast, so well have to figure a way to slow him down.” “Are you sure maybe we can get there quickly If we go through the forest, Zach?!” Zach, searched through his mind looking for any ways to get to the queen before the king did. Anything at all. “My bow! My bow! MY bow!” Zach and Indigo ran through the gates of the kingdom, leaving the sounds of war behind them. The city of Azmarin was cold and dark, snow littered the ground covering sheets of glass. The sun completely non-existent. Tiny broken-down shacks and huts homed poor and malnourished countrymen and women with miniscule baskets of food. There was no laughter of children just the shuttering sound of harsh wind hitting the various trash fires lighting up the dark atmosphere. The king rode his horse, unapologetically, screaming at people to move out the way. Clearing his path to destruction, snow from the ground flurried into the faces of those standing behind. His white horse resembled a large white orb swimming its way through a warzone. Like a painting in a museum, the king and his horse bled through the bleak landscape with gold jewelry and sights of richness. Not often seen by the poor

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