I Too Sing America Analysis

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America is the “Home Of The Brave” and the “Land Of The Free”. The citizens are supposed to be able to start with nothing but, end with everything in their wildest dreams this is the “American Dream”. Although Claude McKay, Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes all write texts about the roles that people play in america , each of their text has a specific tone and convey a unique vision of the kind of life that America offers its citizens. “America” Claude McKay takes a ungovernable tone towards America, and portrays it as a society in which the African American are treated subservient to the white man. Likewise he secretly loves the fight that is made for him to strive in life. For example ‘ I love this cultured hell that test my youth’. This quote contain his mixed emotions for America. Calling it "a cultured hell" because the racism and other injustices he voices his abhorrence but loving the country just as heavily because it is his home and how other of the country is an extension of himself and of what he holds dear. Another example “Her vigor flows like tide into my blood. Giving me strength erect against her hate”. This quote is saying when times are tough, it will change into the future, and he will have the power to overcome his circumstances.…show more content…
Then he mention the fact that he is sent to eat in the kitchen when“company comes", as if he were a African slave in a white household. The oppression, however, doesn't hold him back from laughing and prospering. Then the speaker predicts the future in which he is no longer sent to the kitchen, in which no one would dare to call him unequal. They probably will see him as beautiful and "be ashamed" at their previous

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